Has the Hudson Valley felt a little more magical in the last few days? There could be a good reason for that.

No, it has nothing to do with Halloween being right around the corner. It's more along the lines of Hogwarts like magic.

According to several Hudson Valley residents, a yacht by the name of the Arriva has been docked in Ulster and Dutchess County in the last few weeks. A quick search on Google explains that Arriva is owned by J.K. Rowling, aka the author of the insanely popular Harry Potter novels.

Facebook user and Hudson Valley resident, Jeffery Lewish shared some fantastic photos of the vessel with us:


This weekend Arriva made it's way to the Dutchess County side of the Hudson River after being docked in Kingston.

We haven't heard if J.K. Rowling herself is on the yacht however, Variety reported back in 2017 that she put it up on the market.

The Arriva, previously known as Amphitrite when it was owned by Johnny Depp, is a 156-foot-long boat with 5 charter rooms and can fit up to 10 guests. It also has some fancy accommodations, such as "air conditioning, on-board Wi-Fi, videogame consoles, and recreational equipment that includes kayaks, snorkeling gear, windsurfing and wakeboards, and two tenders for water skiing."

Thinking about chartering out the Arriva? Back in 2017, according to Variety, it costs a cool "$130,000 per week, plus expenses" at the high-season price.

Rowling purchased the luxury yacht from Depp in 2015 or 2016 for "about $27 million." If you're looking to purchase Arriva, you'll be getting quite the deal. Variety reported that the asking price back in 2017 was $19.2 million.

What a deal!

Have you seen the Arriva traveling along the Hudson River?

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