It's time to shine a light on some of the exciting new businesses we are lucky to welcome to the Hudson Valley in 2024.

Closed Businesses Around the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley has sadly seen some local favorites say goodbye in 2024 already. While some have shuttered their doors due to reasons like retirement or a changing of the guards, others have sadly been unable to keep up with the area's rising rent prices and industry demands.

From Schatzi's in New Paltz to The Jolly Cow's Port Ewan location, we've had to say goodbye to some real favorites already.


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Despite losing some local staples, there are still a ton of great new beginnings to celebrate around the area as well.

New Business in the Hudson Valley

Outside of great restaurants and cute shops opening up in the area, there is literally an entirely new stream of businesses making its way through the Hudson Valley and New York State as a whole.

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Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York State back in 2023, the Hudson Valley has already seen some dispensaries popping up and opening their doors.

Back in late January, Newburgh became one of the first local areas to see a legal dispensary with the opening of Curaleaf. Poughkeepsie shortly followed the trend with the announcement of the Black Market Cannabis Company opening their recreational dispensary on Main Street this April.

Beyond dispensaries, the food scene in the Hudson Valley is growing in a great way. Below are 9 new restaurants to check out around the area:

Businesses the Hudson Valley Has Welcomed in 2024

Check out some of the great new eateries and watering holes that have come to the Hudson Valley in 2024 so far!

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

Breweries with the Best Eats

The Hudson Valley has a great reputation for creating some of the most delicious and creative beers in New York State. But something else to note is the quality of the food that you can enjoy at some of the Hudson Valley's finest breweries. Check out 6 of our favorite brewery eats throughout the Hudson Valley!

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

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