We all know how seriously people take their favorite fast food items, and as things come and go from menus, it tends to hit people where it hurts...in the stomach.

Just last week Dunkin' created a bit of a frenzy announcing that this popular item was going to be discontinued from their menu.

Well, as one drive-through window closes, another opens, with Taco Bell announcing some pretty big news in the form of '90s menu items making a triumphant comeback.

Taco Bell Announced Fan-Favorites Returning To Menu By Summer

If you can envision the old Taco Bell days, yes the brown-is sign with the giant bell on it along the road, the infamous dog, and the inside decor that can never be replicated - well this menu comeback is certainly for you.

Come late June, Taco Bell will 'reintroduce' former fan-favorites the Volcano Burrito, Volcano Taco, and even give you the opportunity to add Lava Sauce to your favorite menu items.

First introduced back in 1995, called the Volcano Menu, as cited by Taco Bell themselves as 'a menu so hot we can’t keep our cool' - these hot options essentially created a cult-like following.  People were missing these items so much, in addition to trying to replicate the items at home, some even started petitions!

Super fans, aka Taco Bell Rewards Members will be granted early access to the Volcano Menu beginning June 27th, and then the general public will be able to get their heat on as of June 29th.

Taco Bell also teased 'more news to flow' as the June release date approaches....so we'll have to keep an eye on that as well.

Did you try the popular item they brought back in late 2022?

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