There is nothing quite like the thrill of driving down a winding road, feeling the car responding to the curves and turns. If you are looking for that kind of drive, look no further than the Hawk's Nest Roadway in New York.

Located high above the Delaware River near Port Jervis, New York, Hawk's Nest is a breathtaking scenic location that has captivated visitors for years. Situated on New York State Route 97, this area is known for its winding roads, awe-inspiring views, and the birds of prey that inhabit the surrounding area.

Originally, Route 97 was a narrow dirt road dating back to 1859. It underwent significant renovations between 1931 and 1933 when it was paved, and in 1939, it was officially dedicated as a significant roadway. The importance and beauty of Hawk's Nest were further recognized when it was rededicated on September 21, 2002, as part of the "Upper Delaware Scenic Byway," as indicated by a historical marker in the nearby Town of Deerpark.

The creation of Hawk's Nest was not without its challenges. In the summer of 1874, citizens from Monagaup sought a more direct route over the mountains into the Bolton Basin area (Sparrowbush). They proposed a route that would eliminate six miles of travel, shortening the trip significantly.

After inspection by a committee of 14 community members, a route of six miles in length was established, requiring $5,000 to complete. In the spring of 1876, 124 men from Sparrowbush were hired to construct the road. The new road was built 300 feet above the Delaware and Hudson Canal, offering panoramic views of the river and surrounding landscape. Remarkably, within a week of completion, the first vehicle, driven by H.H. Farnum made its way to the construction site, highlighting the significant achievement.

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Hawk's Nest Road is not only known for its historical importance but also for the stunning views it provides of the Delaware River. Visitors can admire the picturesque scenery as they drive along the road, with several scenic overlooks and pull-outs available. These vantage points offer the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the river, the lush surrounding forests, and the natural splendor of the Delaware River Valley.

For those looking to explore Hawk's Nest, the address is conveniently located at Sparrow Bush, NY 12780. Visitors can experience the thrill of driving along the winding roads and indulge in the breathtaking views that make this destination so special. The mesmerizing images captured from Hawk's Nest have become iconic, showcasing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature at its finest.

Note that for safety reasons, this road is probably best traveled outside of winter.

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