New York State Police are warning computer users to be aware of a new scam that targets their bank accounts. Scammers are targeting unsuspecting victims, stealing their personal information and committing fraud.

iStockphoto, Getty Images
iStockphoto, Getty Images

The New York State Police from SP Canandaigua says,

When logging on to a computer, a message is displayed on the screen that states to contact Microsoft due to a virus. The victim then contacts the phone number provided and speaks with a person who identifies themselves as a representative of Microsoft’s Security Office. The victim is then told their bank account information has been compromised.

Anyone who receives a message to reach out to "Microsoft" support should not call. Do not provide any personal information as it can be used to steal personal information.

Scam Alert

The New York State Police offer these tips to protect against various scams:

1. Pause before making any moves. Scammers try to create a sense of urgency in order to prey on victims' emotions
2. Before you send any money to help a friend or family member supposedly experiencing an emergency, verify that there actually is an emergency
3. If a scammer tells you they are a bail bondsperson, directly contact the facility where they say your relative is being held
4. If the scammer says they are calling from a law enforcement agency, hang up and call the agency back directly
5. Always be suspicious of anyone who contacts you asking for money
6. Do not send cash through the mail.
7. Do not use a pre-paid debit card or gift card to transfer money
8. Establish a password or secret code to verify that it is a family member contacting you
9. Ask a security question that only a family member would know the answer to
10. Set your social media to private so a scammer can't easily find your personal information or family members

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