What are some of the best things you can view on a regular basis? The most common answer has to be a sunset, which can be one of the greatest spectacles that is absolutely free.

When I was a kid I used to always stare up at the night sky and try to spot the constellations. Nowadays it’s much easier with my smart phone but one thing that many people have never had a great view of is the Aurora Borealis, which are more commonly known as the Northern Lights.

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The Northern Lights are more commonly seen in areas of the Northern Hemisphere, such as northern Canada, Alaska and European countries like Norway and Finland. There are instances that they can be seen as far south as New York State and that opportunity comes tonight.

According to the National Weather Service, the Aurora Borealis can be seen in Western and Central New York tonight and into the early morning hours of July 23rd.

This is because of Geomagnetic Storm Watches, which could bring the maximum extent of the Northern Lights to New York State.

The good news is the skies should be clear tonight across Western and Central New York, which makes for fantastic conditions for catching some green in the night sky.

I’ve never seen the Aurora Borealis very well in person, and I’ve heard from people who have that it is easily one of the most amazing things anyone can see with their own eyes.

Stay up late and keep your eyes open.

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