I've made a huge mistake. But I believe I can come back from this and the holiday spirit will prevail.

For the past few weeks CJ and I have been talking about getting our Christmas trees. CJ said he was finally going to get a real tree for his new house and I said I would definitely be continuing my family tradition of having a real tree in my apartment.

With that being said, CJ stayed true to his word and chopped down his own tree while I seemed to have a harder time.

Listen, I'm in an apartment. It's smaller, the celings are high, but it would still be a challenge getting a 6 foot tree in there. I did a little shopping, alone might I add, and was searching for a tree some where around the 5ft range.

I came up short. They were either too small or bare. When it comes to real trees, I'm picky.

After a few frustrating hours, I talked myself into buying a fake one. It was the worst decision and purchase I've ever made.

Adobe Spark (64)

Like I said, this is not good.

Stay tuned as I try to win back the spirit of Christmas and buy a real tree.


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