Spring has finally sprung and so has the spring turkey hunting season.

In a press release, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced the start of Turkey hunting season on May 1st.

Turkey hunting season runs from May 1st until May 31st and according to the DEC over 90,000 turkey hunters take to the fields this time of year. 2018 also marked the 15th year of the Youth Turkey Hunt which took place on April 21st and 22nd.

Like all seasons, there are some rules to follow. Shooting hours start a half hour before sunrise to noon every day. Hunting is permitted in most parts of New York excluding New York City and Long Island.

The DEC provides the following guidelines for equipment: "Hunters may not use rifles or handguns firing a bullet. Hunters may hunt with a shotgun or handgun loaded with shot sizes no larger than No. 2 or smaller than No. 8, or with a bow or crossbow."

If you're lucky enough to get a bird while out hunting, you "must fill out the tag that comes with their turkey permit and immediately attach it to any turkey harvested." Hunters may take two "bearded turkeys during the spring season" but that is limited to one per day.

For more information about Spring turkey hunting season visit the DEC website.

If you're a hunter and want to check out some great exhibits and maybe buy some new equipment don't forget about the Northeast Outdoor Sports Show May 19 and 20.

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