Many people think that apple and pumpkin picking starts in the Hudson Valley at the arrival of the fall equinox.

That's not necessarily the case. Can it be done at the end of September and throughout October? Sure! But is it the best time?

PickYourOwn.Org has an extremely helpful chart when it comes to when the best time is to harvest fruits and veggies across New York State. According to their report, August 27th through October 15th is the most active time for picking apples.

There is no shortage of apple orchards around the Hudson Valley. We all have our favorites and you've probably seen local orchards announce apple picking festivals around the mid-Hudson region.

If you're planning on heading out to an orchard this weekend, Taste of Home created a list of some great apple picking tips and tricks. Their basic tips consist of making sure you have a specific orchard picked out. In the HV you may want to have a few on your list, just in case of the crowds.

Taste of Home also recommends bringing the kids. We know orchards like DuBois, Barton and Weed all have fun playground areas for the keep the kids occupied.

Here's where the get to the nitty-gritty of tips:

Work from the Outside In: According to Taste of Home, apples ripen first on the outer branches. So if you're looking for ready-to-eat apples get to the core of the tree.

Pick, Don’t Shake: Apparently there is a proper way to pick an apple off a tree. Shaking trees is frowned upon as is just yanking them off the branch. Taste of Home recommends rolling "the apple upward off the branch and give a little twist."

Avoid Bruising: There's nothing worse than bruised fruit. Make sure you're placing your apple into your bag or crate with care.

When will you be heading out the Hudson Valley orchards this year? What's your favorite spot? Check in with us on Facebook and let us know.

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