This is just a little creepy.

I think we all can agree that while the idea behind Alexa is pretty cool and very futuristic, but also a little unnerving. She's literally listening to you whenever your talking. I can only imaging all the information she's gathering on families that own one.

Alexa reminds me of Pat from the original Disney movie Smart House. She knows everything you like, but then uses it against you in the end.

BuzzFeed has reported that several Alexa users have noticed her laughing at random points throughout the day. Even when they're not asking for her assistance.

For Christmas I bought my mom an Alexa. And lucky for me, Winter Storm Quinn kept me from getting back to my apartment so I was snowed in with my parents and had access to Alexa.

She apparently has several different laughs. Here are the ones I caught.

Do you have an Alexa and has it been creeping you out lately?

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