Kids say the darnedest things, right?

If you have children at one time or another you have said to yourself, "God I hate when they say that", I mean it can be anything, like "Dad I'm Hungry" or "are we there yet?". Well if your like me and when you hear some of those things you cringe, you are not alone.

The folks over at Mixbook recently asked 2,000 parents to share the most "cringe-worthy" phrases that their children use and some of these are sooo familiar.

Here are the most popular things us parents hate hearing from the kiddos....

Are we there yet?
What’s for dinner?
When is dinner?
Mom!/Do we have any food?
I don’t want to go!
Where are the good snacks?/Can I play with your phone?
Can I go to friend’s house?
Can friend sleepover/stay for dinner?/Can I have that?
Can I get a treat?/Five/ten more minutes
I’m not tired

Did they miss anything? Call or text us through the Wolf app. I think the thing I hate the most from my kids is definitely when they ask to play on my phone. For the last time...NO.....!!!

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