Is this Halloween costume too dangerous?

We're all getting ready to put together our best costume for Halloween coming up on Tuesday. Whether it be scary, funny or creative, costumes are my favorite part of the "holiday."

Well one town in New Jersey is pumping the breaks on a certain costume that their deeming too dangerous.

Our neighbors in Rahway, New Jersey have seen a pattern with a local high school that has them concerned with the public's safety according to The Associated Press. A group of teenagers have recently been dressing up in camouflage and brush then hide in the bushes.

Once in the bushes another student acting as a look out will let them know when someone is passing by. That's when they'll spook people walking by, by popping out and saying "hi."

The press release states that "The Union County Police Department fears the self-proclaimed “Rahway Bushmen” could cause someone to fall and sue the county."

Personally, I don't think this is an issue. I grew up in the Town of Poughkeepsie where one year we were warned about paintball attacks. So, Rahway New could be way worse.

What do you think about the Rahway Bushmen Costume saga?

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