I had no idea that this was even a possibility in New York.

If you have been driving around here in the Hudson Valley over the last few weeks, the odds are that you have hit a pothole or two. Hopefully, after you hit one, you didn't do any damage to your car but unfortunately, most of us wind up bending a rim or blowing out a tire after we hit some of the craters out there.

Who pays for the damage after you hit a pothole?

Well, it depends on who owns the road. According to WTEN, if it's the state, the New York Highway Law says that the state is exempt from liability from damages caused on state roads between November 15 and May 1. Yup, that's pothole season.

If the damage occurs on county or locally owned roads, the local municipality can be liable, if they were made aware of the pothole beforehand.

The best thing to do after you damage your car by hitting a pothole is to do a little research and find out who owns the road and get in contact with them and simply ask if they will cover the damage. You never know they just might do it.

If you come across a persistent pothole on state roads you can report them by calling 1-800-Pothole or you can report online.

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