You just aren't yourself when you're hungry, but at least you're still a New Yorker.

Most of us turn into rabid animals when we haven't eaten in a few hours. Here in New York, we are no exception to the rule, and we may be the worst offender. I mean, we call our biggest city "The Big Apple." We clearly think about food all of the time.

The New York Post has published new research from Snickers and has released the list of hangriest states in the country.

Man serving food from snack stand
Jason Florio

With all of the delicious food that's readily available at any given moment, it should be no surprise that New York is so hangry. According to the research, hanger can be caused by several different reasons like a bad day, stress or long wait times. Not only do our stomachs suffer. Our partners do as well as this is who we take our hanger out on most often.

Here are the states that feel the effects of hanger:

1. New York

2. California and Florida

3. Utah

Is hanger a real thing? We use it a lot to excuse bad behavior. Is there any credibility to this survey?

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