For most of us, pizza is considered food of the gods. This may sound cheesy but pizza could be the best invention ever no matter how you slice it. How much does pizza cost here when compared to other states in the country?

It's common knowledge that New York has the best pizza on the planet but are we getting the shaft when it comes to the price? We've come to accept that everything in New York is almost at a premium price but as it turns out, pizza may not need mushroom for improvement.

Couple eating pizza
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According to research from Datafiniti we don't pay the most in the country for the precious cheese commodity. However, we still pay a lot.

These are the top five most expensive states to get a plain large pizza.

5. Florida $12.00

4. New York $12.73

3. Washington $12.73

2. Wyoming $13.00

1. North Dakota $14.00

Hey, if it's a little pricey it must be pretty good. The cheapest pizza pie in the country can be found in Alaska. You can get a large for just over $7.00. Sounds delicious. Haven't we all heard about that delicious Alaskan pizza?

What's the most you'd pay for a slice of pizza?

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