What do you think?

After having a conversation on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about the hidden cemetery Jess stumbled on at the Palisades Mall we got an interesting text message through the Wolf app about cemetery's and walking our pets through them.

Robert texted us a question that maybe you guys can help with. He wrote, "Guys any way you can help me answer this question my wife and I are arguing over? Is it's okay to take your dog on a walk or run through a cemetery? I keep telling her it's not a problem because I always clean up after him. She says it disrespectful. Any help?"

As a dog owner, I don't think I would go out of my way to walk my pup Smalls in any cemetery. I do lean on the side of it being disrespectful if your dog has to relieve themselves near a grave, not to mention I kind of get creeped out by cemeteries. What do you guys think?

Jen from Monticello texted us, "Stay on the walkways, clean up after the pup and don’t let the dog on the actual graves. Some people actually bring pets to visit the graves of their owners, so it’s ok as long as you and the dog remain respectful." Cat from LaGrange texted, "No freakin' way!!!!!!"

We also got a text from a fan in Vienna, Peter said, "Hey hey. Vienna has Europe's biggest cemetery. People go jogging there, wander around in the sun. It's even a tourist attraction and guided tours at night are offered and normally sold out for a long time in advance."

Who wins the cemetery battle between Rob and his wife? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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