What do you guys think?

Every Wednesday we turn the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show into a bit of a group therapy session with all kinds of different topics we get from your emails.

This week we try to focus on discipline on a play date. Here is the email we got last week:

"Do I have the right to discipline someone else's child during a play date? My friend and I both have toddler sons about 6 months apart. They are both two years old. When they have play dates, her son likes to pick on my son and push him around and she doesn't correct him or discipline him. My friend will sometimes tell him to say sorry but other times just ignores it. There was also a time when he was swinging a toy bat and hit my son on purpose.
Up to this point, I've only scolded her son by saying things like "please don't do that". She is my best friend so I want them to get along. I was wondering what would other Moms do in this case?"

What do you guys think?

We said that we think if you are ever in this position, our advice is that you say to the child that's misbehaving, "we can't act the way you are acting and if this behavior continues you are going to see a side of me that you aren't going to like".

If you have some advice for this mom, call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a message on Facebook.

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