The supernatural terrifies me, but I still love reading up on it. Who can resist a good ghost hunt or UFO sighting? Big Foot? Count me in.

Every couple weeks I'll head over to Youtube and simply type in Hudson Valley to see what has been going on it our community. You'll find some really great finds, like weekend trip plans and of course a Jeffery Dean Morgan interview or two. However today I came across this: Squatch Watch: Finding Big Foot in The Hudson Valley. The title alone had me hook,line and sinker.

The video follows "Big Foot Researchers of the Hudson Valley" founder, Gayle Beatty. In the video Beatty explains her first experience with Sasquatch was when she was a teenager and she decided to camp out in the woods behind her childhood home. Debbie Ray another researcher says that she found tracks in her yard. The video is a bit long, but if you're into Big Foot sighting and finding Big Foot this is for you:

We do live in a very rural area, could big foot be a Hudson Valley resident? How do I get invited on a Hudson Valley big foot hunt, because I want in.

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