Has it been canceled?

I've been dong the radio show thing for 25 years or so and one thing I've noticed in my career is that the one day, April fools day, has kind of gone away. Back in the day we would always try do some elaborate thing on the radio to try and get folks to fall for it. Most times it never worked, but we always tried.

I can remember one year Jess and I got replaced by two of Jess' Spanish speaking friends as the Wolf went bilingual(thanks Amy & Jairo)..LOL! One year we random played parts of songs backwards throughout the morning until we got screamed at by the suits for ruining the radio station. They emailed us to stop immediately, because there was nothing funny about screwing up the music. BOOO!

I know last year because the COVID pandemic was happening, we chose to not try and do anything to ruffle anyone's feathers. Everyone was beyond stressed out so we didn't do anything. Now we get to this year and after receiving some guidance form the suits upstairs, we decided to skip the prank this year because their guidelines left us in a spot where it wouldn't be fun. BOO!!

Has the world killed April fools pranks? I've had some fun doing them over the years before I started here at the Wolf, I successfully caused a few stirs across the Hudson Valley. One year I told everyone to meet me at a parking lot in Poughkeepsie for FREE $100 bills and when they showed up I gave them a "bill" like one you'd get at a diner for $100. We had well over 200 people show up, and to say they weren't happy was an understatement. We had one lady who drove all in from Westchester to get hers...WHOOPPS!

The most trouble I caused one year was when I told everyone on the radio that New York has officially passed a new law that said when your driving your car, you need to drive with your headlights on at all times. Day, night, whenever your driving your headlights had to be on. This was back in like 2000 and to say that people were freaking out, I had to take calls from DMV and some local politicians for hours to explain that it was a joke. I think the radio company I was working for made me do a formal apology.

As we plan for next year, do you like April fools pranks, or is it something that bothers you? Text us what you think so we can plan for next year.

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