You can only keep ONE thing.

Let me start by saying I hope this NEVER happens but with all of the news about the Coronavirus spreading it might be something we need to start thinking about. I mean some schools and businesses are starting to close until this pandemic is under control so a quarantine might not be to far off.

If it does happen, what's the one thing you must have at your house if we are told we can't leave? You can automatically keep the basic things like water, a bed and let's say a loaf of bread and peanut butter to eat. That's all you get, plus the one thing you choose now.

We got a bunch of text messages from fans of the show with a ton of different choices like, coffee, alcohol, electricity, and medicine. Some of our favorites so far include, Susan who texted us that she would choose, "Baby wipes, you’ll be able to remain fresh even without soap!" and Randy who said, "Can’t have peanut butter without milk".

If we get quarantined, what is the one thing you must have? Call or text the show through the Wolf app and keep listening for some suggestions and lets all hope it never comes to this!

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