I am not the kind of person that gets excited about going shopping but I have to admit I am excited that the Hudson Valley is getting its own L.L. Bean store in 2024. It is a nostalgia thing for me.

Growing up, my Mom did very little catalog shopping, however, she always ordered from L.L. Bean. I am not sure how it started, but by 9th grade, I could have been a poster child for their clothing line.

L.L. Bean is Coming to the Hudson Valley

Fast forward to 2023, and I am still a fan. But these days I like to shop in person. Clothes ordered online tend to be a bit of a mismatch for me. I need to be there trying them on in person. It must be an age thing.

Canva / L L Bean via Facebook
Canva / L L Bean via Facebook

Being able to go into an L.L. Bean and shop in person just a few miles from home will be awesome. According to their spokesperson, Jason Sulham who replied to my request for a comment now that they are finally working on the building, we can hope to see them ready to open after the first of the year.

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L.L. Bean did a pop-up shop this past fall. It is not the first time the retailer has visited the Hudson Valley with their world-famous boot mobile but soon we won't have to wait to get our favorite items.

What Can You Buy at L.L. Bean

If you have never been to an L.L. Bean store or seen their catalog you might not know what L.L. Bean sells. They have outerwear along with comfortable clothes for wear around the house or office. I also have to say they have the best slippers.


When Will L.L. Bean Be Open in Kingston, New York

Unfortunately, those of us who were hoping to do some Holiday shopping at the new L.L. Bean in Kingston, New York will have to wait for that experience next year. Currently, if you drive by the site where they are planning the store you will see they are working on the build so the rest can't be that far off.

The location of the store is on Ulster Avenue in Kingston. The building they are taking over is the old Bed, Bath & Beyond. The plaza already has a Panera, Kay's Jewelers, a Burlington Coat Factory, and soon an L.L.Bean store.

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