Should we let Jess get out of doing the ice bucket challenge?

If you missed it, 2 weeks ago Jess and I put a little bet on the Cowboys/Giants football game with the loser having to take a 5 gallon bucket of ice water over the head.

The Cowboys won the game and last Monday I came into work all excited to have Jess take the bucket over her head only to find out that she had taken the whole week off and wouldn't be back until next Monday (today). After I got over the let down of her not being here I started to look forward to her coming back this week so she could pay up.

So here we are, Jess is back, I have the bucket ready and wouldn't you know it, she's sick and trying to make me an offer to get out of taking the bucket over her head.

Her offer is two salami breads hand delivered to my house with her singing Christmas carols. That would be in place of her taking the bucket over her head. I really would love to take it but I feel like it would be letting you guys down, I think that you guys want to see her take the bucket over her head, so I am leaving it up to you.

What should I do, take her offer? Let us know on Facebook.

Some of the suggestions so far have been great, like, maybe one salami bread and Jess takes the bucket after the New Year, is that good enough?

What do you guys think? We will have a decision by the end of the show today.

Here is Jess from earlier this year....

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