So, the countdown for the Starbucks Holiday cups has been on for about a month now.   I know this because my wife has been so obsessed with it that she even downloaded the countdown for Facebook, etc.

She looks forward the the Peppermint Mocha every year but says that it only tastes right in the holiday cups.

I'm not sure if that's actually a real thing or not but I will say that I've had it in both and there is a bit of a different taste.

Today was the launch of the holiday drinks in the new holiday cups and they even give you a reusable, refillable red cup with your order.

I decided that since the baby was up early anyway that I would surprise my wife and run and get her one.

I placed my order and she charges me for my 2 coffees and then hands me 2 empty cups.

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit shocked and since I hadn't had any coffee yet, I stared blankly and the cashier when she must have realized I was confused and said, "oh, did you want the coffee IN the cup?"

Again, having not yet had any coffee, I quickly replied, "nope, just poor it right down my throat!"

We both laughed and she explained that the cup is to keep and they also give you the coffee in the special holiday cups.

It was way to early for my mind to be thinking this much with no coffee.

For the record, my wife LOVED the coffee but the reusable cup is still sitting in the bag on the counter.

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