Have you ever seen the Sesame Street episode with the 'Fly in my soup'?  I felt like that today.

OK, it wasn't quite like the fly in the soup but there was an egg shell in my cheesecake.

My wife, who is an amazing baker, was hired to make a birthday cheesecake for a friend. She needed it by Wednesday morning so she asked me to watch baby girl while she made it last night.

Everything seemed to go fine and then she said she needed to run out for a few. Nothing really was mentioned and the cheesecake was in the fridge and looked really good.

This morning, she informed me that she ended up making me my own cheesecake too.

I brought a piece to work and was excited to try it for lunch.  I grab my fork, cut into it's smooth, rich cheeziness and bite in.......crunch.

Wait, crunch?  It's cheesecake.  Nothing should crunch.  Turns out it's an egg shell.

Turns out that my  wife didn't make me one of my own, she dropped the egg shell into the batter and decided I would be the better candidate to eat that one.

Hey, eggs are protein right?  I'll eat it a little more careful but you don't stop eating fish if you find a bone or 3 right?

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