Does your dog let you dry them off when they walk in from the rain. We have all experienced it if we have a dog in the family. The "wet dog shake" is what it is called at my house. It is that moment when your dog shakes its entire body and every drop of water on there coat becomes a projectile.

I keep a towel at the door hoping to catch her on the way in the door. I attempt to catch my dog on the way in but some how she always managed to get by and head right for the center of the room. Then it happens the full body shake that showers every person, piece of furniture and inch of the wall with a spray of rain water. I have had to resort in what I now call the drop and hope.

This is where i get an extra big towel and as she come through the door I drop it on top of her as she is going by me at warp speed. If I get it right she ends up draped in a towel which then means that the full body shake has less of an impact. I am still trying to figure out muddy feet when I do I'll be sure to share my technique.
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