The results are in! 4 Hudson Valley baby falcons have finally gotten their names thanks to some help from local elementary school students.

4 Baby Falcons Nesting on Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

Since the end of winter, 4 baby falcons have been nesting comfortably on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in the Lower Hudson Valley. According to the New York State Bridge Authority, 2 endangered peregrine falcons live in the nest box that was installed by the Bridge Authority to provide them with a safe place to live.

The baby falcons were born on April 22nd, 2024 and quickly became the stars of the Falcon Cam.

With that the New York State Bridge Authority, teamed up with Veolia Water New York to create a contest to give the baby falcons their names.

Baby Falcon Naming Contest Draws Thousands of Votes

Last week, the New York State Bridge Authority and Veolia Water New York announced the list of 100 names that were recommended by local elementary school students was narrowed down to the following 10 names:

Amelia Birdelia
Coco Puff
Millennium Falcon
Taylor Swoop

The New York State Thruway Authority, Facebook
The New York State Thruway Authority, Facebook

The New York State Bridge Authority reports that once voting was opened to the public, over 2,000 votes were cast in the baby falcon naming contest.

Winning Baby Falcon Names

So, what are these little balls of fluff going by now?

Your winners are:

 Beakoncé (26 percent of the vote)
 Estrella (23%)
Taylor Swoop (19%)

Jet (14%)

Beackonce was a name created by Ms. Tolomeo and Ms. Ingram’s 3rd graders at Greenvale Elementary in Scarsdale. Estrella was the name that the students in Mrs. O’Brien’s 4th graders at Park Avenue School came up with in Port Chester.

The students in Ms. Kopac, Ms. Sullivan, and Mr. Tanenbaum’s 4th graders at Cottage Lane Elementary in Blauvelt are the creative geniuses behind Taylor Swoop, while the kids in Mrs. Pease's 5th graders at Bedford Hills Elementary School in Bedford Hills submitted the name Jet.

Look at how thrilled Jet is with his name:

You can view the baby falcons as they grow up and become stronger fliers on the Falcon Cam on the New York State Bridge Authority website.

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