The variety of Christmas cookies is amazing. I just discovered that there is an eggnog cookie! I love to drink eggnog. I'm the primary reason why we will have so much of it around the house during the holidays. I feel like it is blasphemes that I have never tried an eggnog cookie yet.

When I saw this video, my mouth was watering so much. Is anyone willing to bake these for me? I would myself, but I burned the last batch of cookies I tried to make from scratch.

Last year, my folks and I bought up so much of the Pillsbury holiday cookie dough that's safe to eat. I think we ate most of it precooked rather than ever sticking it into the oven. Mom primarily stuck to the chocolate chip cookie dough while Dad had the sugar cookie dough. Me, on the other hand, love both kinds and stole from both packages. It's so much better not being a picky eater

Below is the Top 10 Kinds of Christmas Cookies as voted on by YOU! People wrote in on our Instagram story and on the app, and this is what people had to say. There are a few surprises in this list. There are some kinds of cookies that are much lower than I expected, some kinds of cookies that were higher than I expected, and some cookies that didn't make it on the list at all!

Let us know what you think of this list. Is your favorite cookie represented? What other Christmas traditions should we rank next? Message us through the app!

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