Rumor has it we may see some Thunderstorms this weekend. If we get a storm do you know what to do if you are caught outside in the weather. Do you know how to protect yourself from being struck by lightning.

Growing up I remember experiencing lightning often. We live in the Midwest which can be known for it's interesting storms but in all honestly the most memorable storm moment came while I was at my Grandparent's house in Scarsdale New York. The weird thing about that is I have family in Indiana where storm can be viscous.

Nothing topped that afternoon in Scarsdale though, it wasn't a big storm but it still managed to leave and impression I won't ever forget. We were sitting in my grandpa's office coloring when the giant tree the was about 20 feet taller than the house was struck by lightning. It was that loudest noise I ever heard even to this day.

The vibration of the strike knock pictures off the wall. My mom ran in because she thought the tree had come through the house. But no that tree took that strike and kept standing. Some of the branches fell but mostly it was just noise. I specifically remember it was a Sunday afternoon. This weekend we have a chance of thunderstorm in the Hudson Valley.

So now that I shared that let's take a look at some of the myths vs facts I found courtesy of NOAA the Nationals Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Lightning Facts vs Myth

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also know as NOAA put together five important facts and myths that we should know about lightning. There are five things you should know when encountering lightning. Keep things things in mind the next time you get stuck in a storm.

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