Everyone is a buzz about the possibility that we may see a direct hit by a tropical storm  or even a hurricane this weekend. By the time some of you read this Henri may have already soaked the Hudson Valley or missed us all together. I am going on record with soaked. Why you ask? Because my home owners insurance sent me a text.


Let me explain. I have a great Insurance company, USAA and every time we are in the path of some kind of destructive weather I get a text from them. It basically says that they see I am in the path of a storm and they send a link to tips for being prepared. It is actually really nice that they send the text out.

So like I said by the time you read this Henri may have come and gone, or not hit us at all. In any event all this weather talk has me thinking about how lazy I have become lately when it comes to backing up my supplies for riding out a storm. Now before you start saying I should have batteries, flashlights and such around at all times that wasn't what I had in mind.

Ready for disaster - checking off the items on the emergency preparedness form

I always have the safety storm stuff backed up but what about the fun stuff. What about the things you'd want to have if you had to spend a day or two camping in your own house because the power is out. If you are reading this after Henri just keep this list handy for the next storm that blows through after all winter is on it's way.

A few fun things to get you through a storm.

Items You Might Want in a Storm

This is not a collection of things you should have in a storm, it is a list of things you might want in a storm. The Hudson Valley is known for it share of powerful storms. Having the right safety items is important but you also have to make sure you have the fun stuff too.

Lightning Facts vs Myth

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also know as NOAA put together five important facts and myths that we should know about lightning. There are five things you should know when encountering lightning. Keep things things in mind the next time you get stuck in a storm.

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