It looks like we are going to have a few more nice days in the Hudson Valley which is fantastic news for those of us planning to get in a couple more rounds of golf on local courses before the weather really turns.

I have always been a fall golfer. I like the cooler air I actually think my ball goes farther but that has never been definitively proven. I also can't stand playing golf in the heat and humidity so once the season changes I try to get out as often as I can. I have played as late as Thanksgiving and as early as Easter in the Hudson Valley.

With all this talk about golf you would think I was a bit of a pro but the truth is I am not a great golfer. I can play and somedays I play well but I have also been known to use a Mulligan or two and I am not ashamed to admit it. If you are not familiar with the term it is just simply a "do over". Golfers use Mulligans when they want a chance to re-do a shot and most times you can have a least one depending on who you are playing with. At local charity tournaments they actually sell Mulligan to help raise money.

Mulligans aren't just for golf though they can also be used in life. I am sure many of use would like to use a mulligan for 2020 but I don't think that Mulligan is going to pan out. This Saturday (October 16th) happens to be National Mulligan day according to the national days people so if your golfing enjoy a second chance at that birdie but if you not a golfer why not pick something else to do over.


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