It's safe to say this summer has definitely been different compared to ones we've had in the past. Summer is and has always been my favorite season and I can't help but notice it seems to go by faster and faster and each year.

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I keep telling myself we still have a good amount of time left to enjoy the season, but it's a bummer it's already August.

I decided to make a Hudson Valley summer bucket list because there are still a ton of things I want to do before we change seasons, ugh. I also notice that I'm much more likely to complete something if I write it down.

Here's what I have so far:

  • Walk 10 miles on the Rail Trail
  • Spend a day at Jones Beach
  • Go kayaking on the Hudson River
  • Go tubing
  • Ride an ATV
  • Go to 3 different ice cream shops and try the most unique flavor they have
  • Try a summer themed beverage at a local restaurant


Now I need some help with this next part. I'd love more suggestions of new things to try out and you all are the best when it comes to ideas. If there is something else you think I should add to this list, please drop a comment below, send me a message on the Wolf Instagram (hvcountry) or on the Wolf Mobile App.

Thank you and happy summer.


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