We're heading into month number 9 of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic with no real answer of when it will be over.

With that being said, we're all doing what we can to get by. Unfortunately, that still involves social distancing and quarantine especially for those who are older and have underlying health issues.

Many senior citizens are unable to see or hugged their loved ones in person and haven't been able to since March. When they do get a chance to see visitors usually it's from a far distance or they'll get a wave through a window.

With Halloween being this weekend, one local organization decided to spread some Halloween Cheer to the Brookemead Community in Rhinebeck.

The Ulster County SPCA dressed up their shelter pups in their Halloween best and brought them out to the Brookemead Community. Since they weren't able to go inside, the Ulster County SPCA staff and pups held a parade around the building.

Watch the video below as the pups, dressed as superheroes, pumpkins and dinosaurs, greeted the seniors at Brookemead:

While it may seem like a small gesture, it meant the world to the seniors. According to the Ulster County SPCA Facebook page, they received the following message after the parade:

One of the social workers told us that they say residents smiling at the dogs who hadn't smiled in months! We are so happy to be able to bring joy to members of our community!

A little bit can go a long way in 2020.

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