What Hudson Valley town needs an attitude adjustment?

It could be said that just about every town in the Hudson Valley could be considered rude at one time or another, right? Everyone has a bad day every once in and while, but is there a town in the Hudson Valley that you think is just "flat-out rude"?

Personally, I spend a lot of time attending my kid's sporting events in and around the Wappingers Falls area. Most of their games are in towns like Washingtonville, Beacon, East Fishkill, and Goshen to name a few, and one thing I always pay attention to when I go to games is how the parent's act. It's my own personal way to get a glimpse into how each town's attitude is...it's not scientific or anything but it does work...sometimes...LOL!

Hudson Valley Sport Parents

Before you scroll down to see what five towns were suggested as the "rudest" let me explain how the conversation started. Both my kids play on Wappingers teams and anytime we certain teams there always seems to be the threat of parents getting into arguments. Those towns are some that I think could use an attitude adjustment. I also know that some of the towns that WE play against probably say the same thing about some of the parents of kids on our team but WOW sometimes things get crazy.


After mentioning my formula on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show today we got this message from Brian,

"Your show's topic this morning on parental behavior and general "rudeness" in Hudson Valley Towns was spot on and great content. Keep it up and keep the convo going! It's a huge problem in ALL TOWNS and people are setting awful examples for kids while also discouraging good people from getting involved in every capacity. It also encourages kids to give up being involved and leave the game altogether. People need to take a deep breath and check their egos at the door. There is a legitimate shortage of officials and coaches at all levels of youth sports now, and much of it is a direct result of negative interactions with parents...LOVED the content... need more people to have this public conversation."

We couldn't agree more!! If you're a parent reading this the next time you go to a game treat the game/field the same way you tell your kids to act while they are in a classroom!

Are These 5 of the Rudest Hudson Valley Towns?

After tallying the votes, here are the 5 towns that got more "rude" mentions than any others. PLEASE remember that if your town did make the list below, we don't think everyone from the town is rude, just some...LOL!

Are These the 5 Rudest Hudson Valley Towns?

Five towns that have been nominated as the rudest!

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