Have you ever had a roommate from hell?

We came across a story about two roommates in Texas that were arguing so bad that the fight ended with one roommate nailing his other roommate's door shut.

The man and his roommate had an argument before he demanded his roommate leave the house. When he refused, he used two pieces of plywood to nail his roommate's door shut. The roommate called 911 because he and his dog were trapped inside the room, according to the Denton Record.

Once police got to the scene they freed the man and his dog and charge the other roommate with unlawful restraint. No word on whether or not they still live together but it got us thinking about any of the roommates we have ever had.

Back when I was like 19, I had a roommate, Danny and his girlfriend Jeannie and after living together for like 6 months, I had a bad habit of leaving the toilet seat up every time I used the bathroom and after falling in the toilet many times, Jeannie had enough.

One day I came home from work and as I went to enter my bedroom, I noticed that there was a feminine hygiene product covered in stuff taped to my door knob. OMG!! I freaked out and Jeannie came out of their room laughing so hard, she said it was covered in jelly but threatened me that if I ever left the seat up again it would be different. Needless to say I NEVER LEFT THE SEAT UP AGAIN!

Erin texted us "I lived in a suite in college and I had 3 roommates who i didn't know. One day i got a knock on the front door. It was university police. My roommates were smoking pot in the bathroom and it was going into other apartments. They all got tickets and i got let off because i let them search my room and they didn't find anything. I never talked to them after that."

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