Have you ever thought you might need to have the conversation with your mom, dad, aunt, uncle or even one of your grandparents, telling them what might happen if they send nudes via their cellphone or email to someone?

Yeah, this totally happens. Don't want to see it, right? But it does happen, otherwise the team at AARP would not be putting out an advisory sharing with people details of the latest scam hitting those 50 years of age and older. A scam where someone innocently (always starts that way, right?) sends photos at the suggestion or request of someone else. 

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Then the scammer asks for money or they will send the nude's to the victims boss, partner, mom or even other relatives or someone the victim would be mortified if that person would see them. Ewww. Just had a thought about my parents sending nudes. Not cool, not cool.

The AARP Director of Victim Support, says that, while it is highly unlikely that the scammer even knows who the people in question are that they could send these photos too, AARP suggests, just not sending the photos in the first place.

Don't take the photos, don't send the photos, don't have the risk of being scammed. That way when someone reaches out to you saying that they do have the photos, you will know for sure that they are full of smoke.

If you, or someone you know, regardless of their age has fallen victim to (or know of) a scam, they can report it to ReportFraud.FTC.GOV. 

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