Where do you think is the place that you would most likely have your credit or debit card information stolen? According to the Federal Trade Commission, it is at the gas pumps. Think about it, unless you go to the exact same pump at the exact same gas station, would you be able to instantly spot that something is 'off?'

Thieves know what they're doing, that is why they are very successful at being able to get your info while you are filling up your car with gas.

Here are a few things to notice at the gas pump next time you are getting gas:

Person paying with credit card at gas pump, motion blur

First thing when you are getting out of your car, just check out your surroundings. Anything look off? Just not feel right? Remember that if at any time you are not comfortable using the pay at the pump feature then you should go inside and pre-pay on your credit card at the register. 

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What else might look off or different if there is a card skimmer on the gas pump?


Look at the credit card reader next, does it look like there is anything missing or loose? Then look at the keypad where you would put in your pin or your zip code, is there anything on top of those keys? Does it look like there is a new pin pad? These are all signs that a machine could have potentially been tampered with.

Lastly, look for anything that could look like a small hidden camera. Thieves love it when they don't have to figure out your pin number because they can just watch you put it in. Remember, when in doubt pay cash. When that isn't possible, take the next step and walk into the gas station and pre-pay with your card and the attendant.

Has there ever been a time when your credit card or debit card information has been stolen? Can you trace it back to buying gasoline?

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