Have you ever wondered where all the famous people who visit the Hudson Valley stay when they are in town? You probably aren't going to find them staying at the local Best Western. You will most likely find them tucked away in some amazing home that's for rent in the area that's close to towns like Poughkeepsie, Kingston or even Mahopac.

I am sure many famous folks who have stopped through the Hudson Valley have stayed in one of our many hotels. The Mohonk House in New Paltz is probably a popular spot. Even the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck would be a great place. But what if a star was looking for something homier.

Hudson Valley Zillow Listing for Rentals

I headed out on Zillow to see what I could find in a Star budget price range and I turned up a few possibilities. Now let me be clear I am not saying that anyone famous has ever stayed in any of these homes, I actually have no idea who rents these places but I think they could all be a place a rich and famous person might consider staying at while in the Hudson Valley.

Four Places you could Rent in the Hudson Valley if You are Rich and Famous

Hudson Valley Rentals Where You Might Find Famous People

Ever wonder where all the famous people who visit the Hudson Valley go to stay while they are working on a film in the Hudson Valley. We hear about all these famous stars in the area making movies but where would they live while they were here. Surely they could stay with friends I guess but I am thinking one of these homes could be a great hold-up for someone needing to be off the grid but close by for work. All of these homes are listed for rent at $15,000 a month just $500 a day. Definitely in an actor's budget. Pick one you would want to rent.

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