The Hudson Valley has been making all kind of news the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, it's for the nasty weather we've been having.

Last week we got hammered by Winter Storm Riley and it left some hefty damage. There are Hudson Valley residents still without power from that storm that took place on March 2nd.

Hyde Park, in Dutchess County, made the headlines around the tri-state area after this video went viral. First responders were on the scene after a car had driven into a fallen tree. Danger was still looming when a power line then went down.

While scrolling through the Hudson Valley tag on Twitter this morning (I was looking for some majestic photos of the snow) I came across a tweetn from Andrew Revkin. He's a highly honored writer when it comes to environmental sustainability according to his website.

Revkin tweeted a video from his neighbor of yet another power line coming down due to the lovely weather we've been having.

No word yet on where exactly this was taken in the Hudson Valley, however Revkin says he is from the Cold Spring area.

Did you see any power lines going up in flames? Let us know where and if you have a picture or video share it with us on Facebook.



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