So it's a weird question but there is really only two ways to answer and the question is, do you eat the pickle that comes on the side of your plate at the diner? I will admit I usually eat about half of it and I really don't know why. Maybe it is because it is next to that weird little paper cup of coleslaw I always eat who knows. It also could be the fact that I love pickles.

I am bringing up the pickle question because this Saturday November 14th, is National Pickle Day according to the National Days Calendar. This is a day set aside to celebrate all things pickle. If you happen to wonder were the weird word pickle came from according to the National Days Calendar it comes from the Dutch word "pekel". It doesn't say if pickles are actually Dutch but it does say that this day has been on the calendar for about 70 years.

I actually love pickle and my new favorite pickle is from Heinz it is sweet and spicy. This pickle is the best of both world. I am not alone in my love for pickles, the National Days Calendar shared a pickle fun fact that says here in the United State each year we consume 5,200,000 pounds of pickle. That's a lot of pickles.

Unfortunately due to COVID the 23rd Annual Rosendale International Pickle Festival, which was schedule for November 22, 2020 had to be cancelled. Pickle lovers all over the Hudson Valley were very disappointed. This is a popular event each year for pickle lovers and their non pickle loving friends.

So there is no Pickle Festival this year but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a pickle on Saturday. On a side note if you were deciding this would be the year you would start making your on pickles you may have to wait until 2021. Apparently the pickle jars are hard to come by this year.

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