Do you find yourself needing to walk at night or early in the am? Have to get to work? Have to walk the dog? Trying to get your steps in? Great. Good for you. Super important that you are going the distance to make things happen.

But let me ask you this question? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Seriously, after dark or before dawn motorists (ok maybe just one or two) think that walkers are a menace.

I do not want to hit you or hit your dog. There are a few things that you can do to help improve your chances of not getting killed. Here are just a couple of them:

  • If there is a sidewalk, please use it. That is a much safer spot for you to walk on, any time of day.
  • Do not wear all dark clothing. If you have a reflective vest, belt, shoes, or any type of reflective clothing, please wear it. These clothing items help to make it so you can be seen. A motorist being able to see you increases your chance of staying alive.
  • Walk facing traffic, with those reflective items, when you need to share the roadway because there isn't a sidewalk.
  • Never assume that a driver can see you. After dark or before sunrise, drivers are not looking for you. If possible, bring with you a flashlight. Turn it on and then use it pointed toward the ground.

Please keep these things in mind when you are walking, especially when it is dark. It may seem to be an elementary school reminder, but it is more important to be seen and alive.

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