It has happen to all of us who drive at least once, the moment you realize you passed someone walking on the side of the road that you didn't see until the last minute. It is scary as a driver to realize that someone could have been right in front of your car that you couldn't or didn't see until they were right in front of you.

The Hudson Valley is full of roads that aren't well lit and have curves that block our view. Even if you are doing under the posted speed limit it is always a good idea to keep a look out for people walking. Since the COVID-19 outbreak more people have taken up walking in their neighborhoods as opposed to going to the gym or some other form of indoor exercise. This is one of the reasons that the New York State Department of Health has issued warning on Facebook for pedestrian safety.

Their quote is "You see headlights, but the driver may not see you, especially walking at dawn, dusk or after dark. See and Be Seen!" This time of year the light on back roads of the Hudson Valley can be tricky. With the skies getting darker earlier you can expect that more people will be walking when it is less light outside. It is important that as drivers we stay alert but it is also important as walkers we make sure we can be seen and this includes your dog as well.

A few things to keep in mind are:

Always walk facing traffic.

Be aware if you are in a blind curve, make sure you are far enough off the road.

If you are walking in less than perfect conditions for example at night or in fog make sure you can be seen.

Wear bright reflective clothing.

Carry a flashlight that you can swing as you walk. A head lamp also works.

If you are walking with a pet keep them on a short lease near you and out of the road.

Always let someone know were you plan to walk and when.

Take your cell phone in case of emergencies.



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