Hudson Valley nights are filled with owls all year long. Their calls to each other fill the night air with sounds that some people enjoy and but others find superstitious. Seeing an owl up close is a real treat and it is very hard to do. They can sit so silent on a branch and blend it that you can look right past them even when they are right is plain sight.

The first place I ever saw an owl was on a field trip with my first grade class. It was a long time ago at a place called the The Museum of the Hudson Highlands which is now the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum (HHNM). They have grown and added so much to their program since my visit almost 50 years ago. They have multiple locations now and numerous programs and events.

One of those programs is the Owl Prowl which is a popular event held at the Wildlife Education Center, 25 Boulevard in Cornwall-on-Hudson. During the prowl Carl Heitmuller will teach you about owls and introduce you to one of the HHNM's owl ambassadors. The talk is then follow by a hike where you can call out to the owls along the trail. It is an outdoor event so you must dress warm. You are also required to wear a mask. You are welcome to bring a folding chair and flashlight. The HHNM also reminds everyone that their bathrooms are still closed.

The Owl Prowl on January 23rd is already sold out but their is still limited room for the event on the 30th which will be held from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. You will need to pre-register. The fee is $10 for members, $15 for not-yet-members and children 7 years and up. Space is limited to 20 people call 845-534-5506 Monday thru Friday 10AM to 3PM to register.

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