A once popular Hudson Valley newspaper is changing how subscribers get their newspapers next month.

Many things have changed over the years, too many to count...LOL, but there is one thing that will never be the way it once was. The way we all get our news every day. The days of getting a daily newspaper to stay up to date with what's going on in the world have disappeared as have the days of kids starting their job life off with a local paper route. The days are long gone because digital news has exploded and now it appears that a Hudson Valley area newspaper is eliminating another option for folks to receive their newspapers.


Paperboy Disappearing in the Hudson Valley

One of the longest-running newspapers in the Hudson Valley has announced that they are planning to switch the way subscribers get the paper delivered to their homes. The Times Herald-Record will officially switch to U.S. Postal Service delivery starting Monday, March 18th according to its website. For many years the newspaper would be delivered to homes by a newspaper delivery person who would deliver the paper early every morning but now to "optimize resources amidst increasing digital readership demand" the Record will switch to mail delivery.


Times Herald-Record Makes Big Change

The switch to mail delivery will allow the paper to put a "renewed emphasis on the printed newspaper as a place readers can dive into local news with more impact and context, feel-good community features, sports analysis and commentary" according to its website. Katie Borrelli a local editor at the Record said

"We are committed to continuing the Times Herald-Record's long tradition of informing the community and providing quality local journalism in our print edition. Moving to mail delivery will allow us to provide a more consistent experience for our valued subscribers."

The paper also said that all subscribers will receive letters in the mail before the delivery change starts. The letters will also include instructions on how to access all of the paper's digital products.

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Newspapers Moving in Different Direction

Gannett Co. Inc., which owns the Times Herald-Record along with more than 200 other daily local newspapers has already started doing mail delivery in other areas and has called the switch "successful" so far. VP of Local News for Gannett Michael A. Anastasi said,

"We know that by the time our informed readers pick up the paper, they know what happened yesterday – the print newspaper should provide additional context, to help readers better understand their community and the world around them."

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