If you’ve done any grocery shopping in the Hudson Valley, chances are that you have bought, or at least have seen Ronnybrook Farm products. Ronnybrook Farm Chocolate Milk may have even been my first locally made purchase many, many years ago. And I’ve been buying local whenever I can since then. Especially Ronnybrook Farm products. Milk, ice cream, yogurt, and other delicious dairy products are all made right here in the Hudson Valley.

Ronald Osofsky, the Ronny of Ronnybrook Farm, was raised on the family farm in Pine Plains. His love of farming and animals was evident in the quality products from Ronnybrook Farm. Today the Hudson Valley is mourning the death of Ronny, a beloved member of his community, the Hudson Valley, and beyond.  After growing up on the farm and attending college, Ronald came back to help on the family farm and eventually started his own farm not far from where he grew up. And we have reaped the benefits.

Ronny was not only a respected member of the community, but he was also a husband, father, and grandfather. A real family man who also considered his employees part of his family. He loved his work and loved to talk about his passion for farming. That passion is what has made Ronnybrook Farm dairy products so good.

Condolences to Ronny’s family, friends, and the community for such a great loss. Ronald’s contributions to the Hudson Valley are immeasurable, and he will be sorely missed. Thanks to Ronny and his vision of bringing fresh and delicious dairy products to the Hudson Valley. His legacy has made it a better place.

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