America has fallen in love with the latest big winner on "Jeopardy!" A Hudson Valley man who has become a viral sensation.

Austin Rogers of Pound Ridge is currently a seven-night champion, winning, so far, $306,900.

When game show host Alex Trebek pondered how Rogers got to be so smart, Rogers replied, “Genetics, luck and karma.”

“School?” Trebeck asked.

“School….pshhhh….nahhhh,” Rogers said while waving his arm.

The now Manhattan bartender graduated from Fox Lane High School and mentioned his Hudson Valley upbringing on air.

“I grew up on the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester. If we walked out my back door and turned north I wouldn’t reach another home for about six miles,” he said on Jeopardy!

“Did you have any encounters with a wild animal?” Trebeck wondered.

“Usually drunk kids from John Jay (Cross River) High School. Didn’t like John Jay! Booo, Rogers said.

Most times after answering a question correctly he flairs his arm in celebration. He even has his own trending hashtag, #austinonjeopardy

Rogers also appeared on Good Morning America this week.

Many say Rogers is the best thing to happen to the game show since Ken Jennings or IBM’s Watson. Here’s hoping this Hudson Valley man can continue on his winning ways!

For more on Rogers Jeopardy! experience check out this video!

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