The arguing between ice cream shops in Orange County is heating up.

According to the Times Herald Record, the family of the late owner of the now closed Mr. Cone on 17M in Monroe, is calling out a new ice cream shop up the road for claiming that the late Joe LoScalzo has passed the ice cream baton to the new shop.

Scoops & Smiles had their grand opening on Saturday and the new owner, Glenn Schaeffer said leading up to the celebration that he was going to “fill the void”, left by Mr. Cone, he also talked about how LoScalzo was “passing the cone.”

LoScalzo’s widow, Susan took offense to the claim. She told the Record that “I’m not going to endorse this guy”, she said that she was concerned that Schaeffer’s comments could lead to the community to believe that her family was endorsing Scoops & Smiles over the other two ice cream shops in the Town of Monroe, Wally’s Ice Cream Parlor and The Dug Out. She went on to say that “I’m not going to have Joe endorsing one person over another.”

The social media response has been pretty negative about the whole claim and Schaeffer told the Record that he never set out to lay claim to what LoScalzo created and his wife said that she’s been shocked at some of the comments she has seen on social media, “We have done nothing wrong.”

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