I don't know about you, but when I see a hitchhiker, I automatically think of those true crime podcasts or documentaries. Nothing good seems to happen after a driver picks up a stranger, right?

A few weeks ago, I was driving into work so it was around 4:45 am. It's dark out and I'm not fully awake. Not only that, I had my new puppy, in the car with me. So, I was all over the place mentally.

As I was turning over by Marist, I see a tall human with their thumb out. Classic hitchhiker look. They were near the turning lane and saw me put my turn signal on and must have thought I was going to pick them up. They got closer and closer to my car.

I freaked out. I made a huge turn around them to avoid hitting them.

I don't know about you, but it's 2022.

I know all the true crime stories, plus all the COVID stuff. I don't think I would let a random person in my car. Part of me feels bad because I always want to help, but the other part of me is telling myself I'll be the next story on Dateline.

Peggy called in this morning and shared that she and a friend pulled over for a hitchhiker back in 1986. When the guy approached their car, they saw he had a machete in his jacket. A MACHETE!!!

That's all I needed to hear.

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker or given a stranger a ride? Was I wrong for not pulling over? Let us know through the app or leave a comment on Facebook.

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