Well, it became official at the end of last week, that there will be no more swimming for this season at the Ulster County Pool Complex on Libertyville Road in New Paltz, New York. There is no official word about that exact problem except that the pool is in need of major repair.

A few weeks back it was discovered that the pool was leaking a significant amount of water. This discovery is what led to the closure of the pool. As you can imagine the pass holders were very disappointed. Between the weather being so hot and the fact that pool passes had just been issued many folks were frustrated.

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Ulster County Pool Complex via Facebook
Ulster County Pool Complex via Facebook

Ulster County Pool Closed for the 2024 Season

Now that the pool has officially closed for the season people have become even more vocal. A few comments left on social media are understanding while others are calling for Ulster County to investigate where the money has gone that should have been used to maintain the pool.

With no county pool available many pass holders are looking for an alternative. Sadly that is easier said than done. There are multiple pools in the county but most of the other pools belong to towns that are restricting their passes to residents of the town only.

Where Can Ulster Residence Go to Swim

Rosendale Pool is not doing this, they have their pool open to all the residents of Ulster County, however, occupancy is limited so if you need a pass don't wait. A 2022 article by the Chronogram listed 6 pools in Ulster County.

If you need a refund for your season pass the Ulster County Government wants you to call for a refund please contact Jodi Corsa at the Department of Public Works (DPW) at (845) 340-3103.

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