I should lead the information I am about to give to you with a warning. If you don't like butter this idea will not appeal to you as much as it does me. But seriously who doesn't like butter?

Butter may be my favorite condiment if you can even call it that rather than a topping or a spread. I am guilty of using real butter sometimes unsalted in all my recipes even if it doesn't call for it. So imagine how excited I got the first time I heard about a butter candle.

What is a Butter Candle

Cookist Wow via YouTube
Cookist Wow via YouTube

If you have never heard of this amazing food item, allow me to explain. It is exactly what it sounds like, a candle made of butter. The difference is you aren't putting it in a votive for light. Instead, you are putting it in a bowl for dipping. You could even put it directly on the food you want to have the butter with such as a loaf of bread.

New Dinner Party Trend Perfect for the Holidays

Imagine how elegant and fun your next dinner party would be if everyone at the table had their own little butter votive in a bowl instead of a block of butter in the middle of the table. Butter Candles are easy to make and you can flavor them to match what you plan to serve.

Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook
Little Light Of Mine Village Candle via Facebook

Hudson Valley Candle Shop Holding a Butter Candle Class

I reached out to Little Light of Mine Candle Shop in New Paltz to get more information on butter candles. They are actually holding a butter candle-making event on November 18th. All are invited to join them for this Sip & Dip event. Make reservations in advance because these events fill up fast.

In our workshop, I’m going to have attendees make them in molds to take home in choices of holiday shapes. Each candle will hold about 2 sticks worth of melted butter. They will also have the option of adding fresh herbs, honey or garlic depending on how they tend to use them. (Little Light of Mine Village Candle via Facebook)


Quick Look at Butter Candle Making with the Cookist WOW

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Top Hudson Valley Candle Shops

Hudson Valley Candle Shops

The Hudson Valley has some wonder candle shops. Some offer gatherings and places for you to make your own candles. One of them you can find in Woodstock, New York has been making and burning candles since 1969. Candles never go out of style.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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