Some of you reading this are already involved with your local volunteer fire department but the reality is most of us are not. Take a moment and think about the last emergency you had at home and who responded. Very often in communities around the Hudson Valley the first people we see in a crisis are our local fire people.

One local fire department actually took advantage of a Dollar General Grand Opening and used it to set up a table to meet and greet potential volunteers. The Esopus Fire Department did just that today and were able to get one applicant. The way I see it that is one more than they had yesterday.

If your like me you might be saying to yourself, "What could I possibly do at my local fire department?" Well the truth is you might be surprised. Obviously, fire houses are looking for people who can train to fight fires but you also need to think about all the people who a present during an emergency. Maybe you could be the person directing traffic for the detour. And when it comes to fundraising every fire house can use a good cook to help at a pancake breakfast or an extra hand organizing a car show.

So give it some thought and then check in with your local fire company you may be surprised by what you can do to be part of the volunteer team. We count on our local fire department let show the they can count on us.

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